Graduation Projects 2016 – call for submission


Come join us and take part in the 15th edition of the review of the finest graduation projects in graphic and industrial design!

These works can be submitted in the form of an illustration and a brief description untill
31 October 2016. Details can be found in a Regulation and FAQ sections of the website.

Only those graduation projects defended in schools of the Visegrad Group countries, or by Polish, Czech, Slovak, or Hungarian citizens studying abroad, can be submitted for the Review.

We have been publishing design graduation projects since 2001 – when the first issue of 2+3D appeared. Initially, this was only an editorial review. In 2006 the Cieszyn Castle joined us, supplementing the event with exhibitions organised first in Cieszyn, then in other cities, and abroad as well. In 2010 we were joined by partners from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, and thus the review became international.

Selected projects from the previous editions can be viewed at Previous editions section on Review website.

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