Graduation Projects 2017


Feel welcome to take part in the 16th edition of the review of the best graduation projects in the field of graphic and industrial design from the Visegrad Group.

Your works in the form of an illustration and a short description can be submitted by the 31st of October 2017 by means of an application form. You will find more details, including the regulations of the review, on the website.

Only the projects defended at universities in countries belonging to the Visegrad Group or the projects defended by citizens of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary studying at foreign universities can be submitted for the review (see: Regulations).

We’ve been publishing the reviews of Graduations Projects since 2001 – that is since the first issue of the 2+3D magazine. Initially, it was just an editorial review. In 2006, Zamek Cieszyn joined us, completing the review with exhibitions, which were first organized in Cieszyn, and then in other cities in Europe: Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Berlin, Tallinn, and Kaunas. In 2010, we were joined by partners from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, and so the review became international.

In 2017 international design centres joined us: Hungarian Design Council, CZECHDESIGN, and Slovak Design Centre.

The winning projects will be presented at an exhibition in Cieszyn during the 13th Birthday of Zamek Cieszyn and at an exhibition abroad.

You can find the archive of the results of the previous editions in the Previous editions tab.

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