Ondřej Jelínek (CZ)
Visual ID for the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery
B.A. project
Tomaš Bata University in Zlín
Richard Vodička
This visual ID is a play on the abbreviation of the GJF Gallery. The letter‑fragment puzzle alludes to modern architectural arrangements. This is particularly visible in the furniture design. The flexible principle allows for novel decorations on the stationery, posters, and advertising gadgets. The logo itself and other parts of the ID have been consciously chosen to contrast with the gallery building. Particular care was given to selecting the right materials and techniques – e.g. silkscreen, stencils. A facade design, information inside the building, and a web page are also included in this BA project.

The system’s greatest advantage is its mutability and flexibility. As Ondřej Jelínek writes, “In the morning, when the gallery opens, the furniture should be arranged to form the gallery logo. Over the course of the day, visitors shuffle the pieces around, changing the layout, making the logo ‘come alive’.”