Lukáš Opekar (CZ)
Captcha and Illiteracy
B.A. project
Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem
Ak. mal. Michal Slejška
In the 21st century illiteracy remains a sig-nificant social and cultural problem, whose consequences – particularly in the developing countries – are felt in many fields, from respect of human rights to economic development. Lukáš Opekar has focused on this issue for his BA work by visualizing UN statistics of the issue. The designer has made an innovative application inspired by the Internet CAPTCHA codes, which people can read in spite of their distortions, while preventing an automatic transfer of data between computer programs. Only a person who is able to read and type out the code is admitted to further information or the other options offered by a given web page. The visualization is based on the ability to read a distorted text, which the design uses as an indicator of our literacy. The level of deformation indicates the illiteracy in the various countries.
This original concept combined with real statistical data, additionally interpreted by a computer application, creates a visually interesting design that is both witty and thought-provoking.