Małgorzata Mozolewska (PL)
Structural Ornament
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Profesor Jerzy Porębski
The result of Małgorzata Mozolewska’s de- sign is not a specific product, but a process. The task the graduate placed before herself was to create a contemporary ornament. She has managed, however, to go far beyond formal divigations. In the hands of a designer, the computer program she has developed could be a valuable tool. The designer puts whatever shape (s)he pleases into the application, which becomes the point of departure. Through a special algorithm it is automatically transformed into a decorative open-work structure, which is also an ornament. Its virtual models can be materialized through 3D print technology. As the designer says, “the program takes account of the shape of the piece, the weight and strength it holds, and adds a random element, making the resulting structure functional, and simultaneously different every time, and not entirely predictable.” This unpredictability and element of chance are the more interesting attributes of Mozolewska’s Structural Ornament. The creation of the open-work construction begins with the base of the object and gradually moves upwards – a process imitating the growth of an organic form. In working on the program the designer made a detailed study of the history of ornament. The design is therefore a successful combination of studies of art history, natural processes and modern technologies. Collaboration in writing the program: Michał Piasecki.