Marian Misiak (PL)
Timeline Type Family
M.A. project
Reading University
Phd Gerry Leonidas i Fiona Ross
Timeline is an extended type family of both Latin and Arabic alphabets. The Latin letters come in serif and sans-serif versions. Both have italic and bold styles. Coherent typeface designs created to note various lettering systems have become increasingly important in an ever-more multicultural and multinational Europe. As the designer himself points out, such complex type families are used for airport signage and city information system designs, packaging, safety instructions etc. The Arabic symbols are difficult for us to evaluate, and our observations must conclude with appreciating the balanced typographic color mixing the two systems. The Timeline typeface family was created to set longer texts, with special emphasis on the notation of complex information structures (charts, diagrams, forms, timetables, academic publications). With its high contrast from the upright form, the strongly condensed italic will stand out, as will the construction of hierarchies in laying out writing of a single type size. All the styles and variants have the full character set, including ligatures, small caps, and diacritics. A completed version will be available through rosettatype.com – a multi-script typeface distributor.