Michaela Podolanová (SK)
Light in Fabric
M.A. project
Technical University in Košice
Doc. Ing. ArtD. Tibor Uhrí­n
The Bulbo collection includes table, standing and hanging lamps. The technologically simple metal construction is laser-cut and bent. It encloses a square piece of fabric, creating a veil for the light source in the shape of a traditional light bulb drawn to scale. The contrast between the cold, “sharp” shape of the metal and the warm, soft felt (a material seldom used in this line) is notable here. In spite of all appearances, this use of felt is entirely safe, as the material can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Celcius. The designer intends for the light-bulb shape to symbolize a traditional light source, though the shape leaves us with no doubt that the product is entirely contemporary. These lamps are an example of a well-developed idea using contemporary technologies, allowing the product to be made by the designer herself.