Przemysław Szuba (PL)
Infusion Pump Design for Continual Administration of Analgesic Medicine
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
prof. Czesława Frejlich
A design for an infusion pump for Medima, primarily for patients suffering from acute pain, most often in the pre-terminal and terminal stages of cancer. The minimal dimensions and weight of the apparatus allow the patient to use the pump during a range of activities. It can be hung on a strap, tied to clothing, and also used for continuing therapy in the patient’s home. Two control panels have been prepared – one designed for medical personnel, and the other for the patient. The concept presupposes the use of an automatic safety system, which ensures the medical worker remote control over the patient’s state of health through a cellular connection.
This pump model was produced in the framework of the “Ergonomics for Medicine” apprenticeship program at PERFEKT Sobierajski (polyester-design.com).