Zofia Szostkiewicz (PL)
Polish Post Visual I.D.
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
doktor dr Barbara Widłak
This design for a new Polish Post logo and visual I.D. elements is compellingly simple and consistent, but also very conventional. This last attribute can be a drawback when evaluating graduation projects, as even the Polish graduation evaluation forms take innovation into account as an important aspect of a design. On the other hand, the Polish reality that surrounds us when we leave the halls of the school requires such comprehensible and typical solutions to replace the chaos and visual degradation. In a madhouse, normalcy is a virtue. This is why, after a jury discussion, this glass was evaluated as “half full.”
Apart from the worthy logo and typical prints, the design includes pictograms, items of clothing for postal workers, and a signing system for post offices. Szostkiewicz also designed forms and pre-paid envelopes, and concluded with a model for a web page. The whole is based on the popular (though not free, as the design description states) Adobe Myriad Pro typeface. With its practicality and well-composed, minimalist use of graphic strategies, the work shows Zofia Szostkiewicz to be a pure-bred designer capable of undertaking the positivist work of clearing rubble from the visual environment.