Agnieszka Fujak i Sebastian Spłuszka (PL)
Air Rescue Vehicle Concept
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
Marek Liskiewicz
The designers have chosen to work on a special vehicle, of the kind generally carried out by large design teams, and which require the consideration of many restrictive international norms. The point of departure was the information acquired from a producer of this kind of equipment, Piotr Wawrzaszek of Bielsko‑Biała, and observations of firefighters’ work in a similar vehicle, performed in real conditions at an airport. The designers introduced a range of improvements, such as a handle system and raising platforms to increase safety, hydraulic doors, symmetrically placed entrances and better situated seats, allowing the vehicle to be exited without harm – all solutions to increase the crew’s response time. A glassed‑in cabin roof to improve visibility, spaces in the seats to hold oxygen tanks, and internal blinds to protect from overheating and the reflection of the sun were also included. In this sort of design, filled with safety and ergonomics requirements, form often takes a back seat. These designers, however, have provided a compact shape that departs from all known solutions. The design is reminiscent of a light army transporter. Considering the vehicle’s purpose, this shape seems apt indeed.