András Kerékgyártó (HU)
Family of Experimental Chairs
M.A. project
Moholy‑Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
Tildi Béla
The basis of this design was the result of many years of research on the sitting position. In search of new solutions, the designer studied alternative positions – sitting on a ball, in a saddle, or in a kneeler – which helped him to understand the complex ergonomic issues involved. His main topics of focus came from everyday experiences. These days, we do most of our work sitting down, which causes many health problems. The design process began with an analysis of the forces at work on the spine. Its undesirable disfigurement is affected by the angle between two main parts of the chair – the seat and the backrest. The designer has proposed a 135° angle – significantly greater than what is generally applied. Apart from the innovative ergonomic approach and interesting visual form, the design introduces a few practical solutions. The chair folds easily, and its seat and backrest are identical pieces, which reduces production costs. In a word – a functional everyday product that is smart and elegantly designed.