Filip Malimánek (CZ)
Latin Typefaces for the Jewish Cemetery in Brno
M.A. project
Masaryk University in Brno
Vítězslav Švalbach
Filip Malimánek’s MA project is a piece of research. The designer has systematically documented the Latin inscriptions on the graves of the Jewish cemetery in Brno. He has photographed the stone slabs with inscriptions, and put the photos on the hroby.designpositive.sk web page. Every documented tombstone is marked on a map, and the photographs are numbered according to the cemetery plot. The tombstones have been classified by typeface and finishing details. The web page has photographs sorting them with filters (slabs can be chosen, for example, with transitional carved inscriptions or geometrical grotesques, with interesting initials or with ornaments). Part of the project is the digitalization of three selected typefaces. Another important value of the work is tied to the fact that it adds to our awareness of the history of the Jewish minority in Moravia.