Grzegorz Rozwadowski (PL)
RailWhale Public Transportation Vehicle
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław
Wilhelm Semaniszyn
This solution was made with the Rapid Urban Transit infrastructure in mind. In large agglomerations with no subway systems this sort of transportation lets passengers get around quickly. The “Whale” has a hybrid drive and is about as long as a tram car, but its multi‑level construction seats 110 people. The anticipated length of the vehicle allows it to move in tight city spaces. For such situations a pantograph allows the train to use electric tram traction. The designer has focused on the external form of the body and on planning the interior. He has suggested two different seats: for short journeys, when passengers can choose a leaning/standing position, and more comfortable seating, which is handy for the elderly. He has divided it into zones: one for young people, with a semicircle couch at the back of the vehicle, and one for people in wheelchairs and mothers with baby carriages right by the entrance. The individualization of places is to improve traveling comfort. In spite of this diversity, the interior remains stylistically coherent, and does not dazzle with a wealth of forms and colors, surely giving the design an elegance.