Ľubica Segečová (SK)
Something out of Nothing
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
František Burian
Something out of Nothing is an innovative method of creating everyday objects. It involves making use of difficult conditions or shortages, turning the situation to one’s advantage, even making an asset out of it. Discarded or donated objects turn into fully‑fledged products – in this case, a chair, stool, lamp, and fruit bowl. One might say that this is every derelict’s strategy. The difference is that this is not ersatz furniture; it is a coherent, consciously shaped collection with an original aesthetic look. Doubts arise in terms of how they carry out their functions. But here we should recall that the method is more important than the finished product. The designer believes she has broken the typical design process “from idea to product,” proceeding from “material to idea.” This is also a reflection on discarding and wasting only to produce and purchase.