Marta Gawin (PL)
Visual ID System for the Structure for the Polish Government Administration
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Tomasz Bierkowski
We all know the visual chaos that marks the institutions of the Polish state, which might be characterized as an “internally‑distressed organization” that is not trust‑inspiring. Instead of joining the choir of complaints, Marta Gawin has proposed her own solution. Her system has no official constitutional crest, which is difficult to design for graphic and legislative reasons. It uses shapes that tie in with historical heraldic forms, though in fact what we have are logos or pictograms that are only subordinate to purely design criteria. In this design the state apparatus was divided into four groups: legislative, executive (divided into the President and Government with its administration), judicative, and public finances, monitoring organs, and legal protection. The designer gave them five depictions of the White Eagle enclosed in the basic geometrical shapes. This project struck us as first‑rate, as the design work was preceded by a meticulous analysis of real and urgent social needs. The solution itself not only creates a structural framework for further activities, it is also innovative and groundbreaking. The designer has put her work on‑line at www.issuu.com/martagawin/docs/system; we should add that anyone approaching this task in the future ought to read it carefully.