Martyna Bargiel (PL)
Cohabitat Group – Interactive Visual ID
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Tomasz Bierkowski
Being a Cohabitat Group project, this work – which, believe it or not, is a BA project – goes significantly beyond the design issues addressed in a typical visual ID. The subject is a social movement that combines various kinds of organizations and companies, as well as people involved in promoting and developing the idea of natural construction and permaculture as such. The multimedia graphics system designed here serves not only for ID, but is also a tool for the integration of society, the exchange and spread of information on the initiatives taken – from an international science festival, to conferences, workshops, and commercial undertakings – their documentation, and the acquirement of new partners. After an in‑depth analysis of the principles and forms of the group’s activities, the designer emphatically made the system an open one, allowing it to be easily adapted to new or changing needs. This approach is well represented by the proposal to introduce, alongside the organization’s official logo, an analogous sign to symbolize its development. The concentric circles are meant to appear, like the rings inside a tree trunk, along with an activist’s consecutive achievements. Functionality, logic, and consistency, with the optimal dose of poetry. Full on permaculture!