Radek Staniec (PL)
Theater Festival Visual ID
M.A. project
Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń
Witold Chmielewski
The Kontakt Theater Festival in Toruń has been around since 1991. Looking at its rather poor promotional materials to date, it would be hard to say that Radek Staniec has merely redesigned them. He has put forward a powerful, attention‑grabbing, and coherent visual ID. It has a modern look and – unlike designs for many such moving targets as theater festivals – it matches the content. In the framework of the event’s new visual ID Staniec has introduced a geometrical, spatial logo. It brings to mind a complex spacetime, whose various points combine in a viewer/play/stage/theater relationship. Apart from the festival logo (complete with applications: stationery, notebook, and stamp), the design includes example solutions, i.e. a set of promotional materials: two versions of the poster, a catalogue, flier, festival gadgets (a telephone sock, printed eco‑bag, keychains), and – a rare feature in graphic designs, though it comes in handy – a good animated film. The designer also took care to choose environmentally‑friendly paper for printing.