Réka Eisenberger (HU)
Honey Producer ID
B.A. project
University of West Hungary in Sopron
Juhász Márton
Zselic is a Hungarian region famous for its production of ecological foods. The producers of these high‑quality goods have no suitable packaging, and so often use none at all (as if the old Hungarian proverb “Good wine needs no label” could prevail in a marketing-driven culture).

As the subject for her work, the designer chose a visual ID for an ecological honey producer from Zselic. She created a complex design including company ID and label designs. She combined sanserif types with script. The sanserif type ensures legibility, while the calligraphy‑based script alludes to the hand‑made production. To create an easily recognizable brand, Réka Eisenberger uses a few floral motifs for the ID, as well as selected “natural” colors to code the various product groups.

The designer has understood the ecological approach and economic needs of the producer, creating stickers and labels to fit jars and bottles of various dimensions that honey customers bring in to fill.