Tomáš Rampas (CZ)
Apartment for a Crisis Period
B.A. project
University of West Bohemia in Pilzeň
František Pelikán
During natural disasters such as a flood or an earthquake many people lose their homes. The designer has made a temporary 19 m2 home, in which four people can live for up to several months. In everyday life the pieces collapse to the size of garbage container and are at the disposal of state agendas. After installation, each spreads apart, increasing its usable surface area by 45 per cent. On the outside there are also fold‑out awnings over places for keeping belongings or supplies. The interior is supplied with things needed to survive difficult times. Energy is supplied by two solar panels on the roof. Rainwater is collected from the roof for storage. Though this graduate project has been prepared only to the conceptual stage, it testifies to the thought the designer has given to people in crisis situations. One would like to encourage decision makers to have equally responsible approaches.