Aliz Borsa (HU)
Leda typeface design
M.A. project
Royal Academy of Art in the Hague
Prof. Erik van Blokland
After completing studies at the University of West Hungary in Sopron, Aliz Borsa did further course work in Holland. Her graduation project is the Leda family of typefaces, designed for body text. The name of the type hails from the LEDA 074 886 Galaxy, discovered last year, and distinguished by a very unusual rectangular shape. Like its namesake, this type has atypical attributes, combining calligraphic inspiration with geometrical construction. Borsa designed Serif Bold and Serif Bold Italic and the Broken Bold variant (based on calligraphy, drawing from the tradition of black letters). One advantage of the set is its precisely drawn diacritics for writing the languages of Central Europe. In spite of their differences, the Leda type family gives the impression of a harmonious collection. Inspired by the historical role of initials, the well‑constructed serifs and finely built kernings speak of a gifted and well‑educated designer.