Bartosz Borowicz (PL)
Multifunction TOOLba backpack
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Grzegorz Niwiński
Increasing numbers of people are traveling by bicycle. The designer has noticed that this trend has been accompanied by a rise in the need of emergency help for cycling accidents. This could be handled by a mobile service, and also by a cyclist, sent to assist the unfortunate rider. Contemplating a solution to this problem resulted in the creation of TOOLba – a backpack with tools for any situation. The backpack is designed so that, when opened, it gives access to everything inside, just like a toolbox. The tools are laid out on special panels prepared depending on the anticipated repair job. The thoughtful construction and stiff body makes TOOLba comfortable even when carried or transported with a full load. None of the tools dig into the user, nor do they shift around, as the regulated straps at the hips and the chest do an exceptionally fine job of stabilizing the weight. TOOLba can also be strapped like a saddle‑bag to the bicycle’s baggage rack. Completing the set is a folding stool, which can also be used as a surface for tools.
The designer has anticipated far‑ranging individual adjustments. For example, a few motions suffice to detach the inner tool panels and attach others e.g. with photography or fishing gear, a well stocked first‑aid kit, or essentials for a weekend hike in the mountains. The interchangeable panels are so simple and inexpensive to produce that everyone can adapt the backpack to their needs or situation.