Gazdag Ernő (HU)
Sled X1
M.A. project
University of West Hungary in Sopron
Szücsy Róbert
A sport‑recreation design for sleds, inspired by the Z‑Series product. The aim of this design was to stress the importance of active recreation and to encourage people to take part. The idea for the construction arose from the accepted sled shock‑absorbing techniques, and attempts to minimize their mass, creating a light and elegant structure. The sleds are specially adapted for use in the lying position, though the sitting position is also possible. Five sizes are foreseen for sledders of various heights and weights. The dimensions are important for the comfort of the ride, but also because turning is only possible when using the foot brake, and by changing the user’s center of gravity. The jury highly rated the design from a formal perspective, notably its use of bent wood technology.