Jacek Malinowski (PL)
Visualization of the Polish budget – an app prototype design
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Jacek Mrowczyk
Jacek Malinowski’s graduation project, which uses the new capabilities of the iPad touch screen, is among the few practical designs submitted for review. This working prototype visualizes the proportion of expenditures in the performance‑based part of the state budget, together with more detailed divisions. Inspired by the diagrams of Scottish engineer William Playfair, the designer presents the data in the form of circles set on an axis. The system facilitates a full visualization of the budget, the comparison of selected items, their assortment, filtration, and search. It also allows the user to enlarge the diagrams, and to export data and selected sets.
A clear virtue of the design is easy access to information at the deeper levels of the budget. However the marking of various budget components using stylistically disparate, overlapping pictograms might be considered a flaw. Fortunately, when the iPad is held vertically these icons are replaced by the full names of the tasks.
The jurors greatly appreciated the subject matter – and the creation of a tool allowing us to see the secrets of the state budget, which is normally hidden behind long rows of numbers inscribed in unreadable charts.