Joanna Polińska (PL)
FULLER furniture collection
M.A. project
University of Arts in Poznań
Mateusz Wróblewski
“The most important things are invisible to the eye,” as a certain little prince once said. Clearly the designer of the Fuller furniture collection took this maxim to heart, and decided to expose what is most often concealed in upholstered furniture – the springs. She uses them in simple links to create “developing” structures inspired by chemical molecules, fullerenes, which owe their name to Richard Buckminster Fuller – hence the title of the project. The designer wrapped the parts of the armchair and footstool that come in contact with the user’s body in strips of orange velour, which makes sitting very comfortable, while the screens are woven of multicolored tulle, which is both functional and attractive. The furniture’s pipe legs support the sheet that shapes the seat’s color surface, which appears to levitate above it. The placement of the legs, and above all the openwork construction, enhances the impression of lightness. This openwork quality implies two more attributes of this solution, which the user can subjectively rate as advantages or drawbacks. The first is brilliant ventilation – the happy possessors of Aeron armchairs know of what I speak. The other is the high “resistance” of the seat’s surface to all sorts of soiling, spillage, crumbs etc.
The model was made at Kler.