Jozef Repický (SK)
Furniture Design with Corporate Identity Acceptance
M.A. project
Technical University in Košice
Peter Wohlfahrt
This rest and relaxation set – a chair and footstool with added accessories – was made as a proposal for the TON furniture producer. The designer took the hard road, considering the style and production method of this particular company. The design process included an analysis of the economic and technological conditions, and the history and mandate of the company. The designer managed to take these factors into account in the resulting prototype, without sacrificing visual appeal. His work method involved choosing the production of components and adding non‑standard elements to them, which only minimally increased production cost. The furniture’s visually distinguishing feature is the easily interchangeable upholstery pieces. After their removal, the footstool can serve as a coffee table, and the furniture can be used outdoors. Here, changeability does not come at the expense of comfort and functionality (as is often the case). As the prototype has confirmed, the designer took full advantage of the capabilities and attributes of the company, while simultaneously developing a visually clear and innovative form. Of equal importance was the meeting of functional and ergonomic requirements.