Juraj Kočár (SK)
JPK visual identification
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Marcel Benčík
Juraj Kočár’s graduation project – designing a visual, graphic self‑identification – was something the designer saw as a valuable future investment. His work was remarkably systematic, and carried out according to a well‑regimented plan. Over the period of a month and a half, at regular hours and for a strictly defined period of time, the designer collected visual materials that were linked to his initials JPK – Juraj Peter Kočár. As such, he amassed many graphic symbols, photographs, and illustrations, to which he added his own sketches and designs. The next step was deciding how best to organize and present these materials. Ultimately, they were compiled in two books of his own design. The first is a precise documentation of the design process, in chronological order from 7 March to 23 April. The second is a picture dictionary, modeled on a dictionary of the Slovak language. Each page contains three visualizations of the initials J, P, and K. The books are a kind of “tool kit” for creating a visual identification. Even if the designer wanted to change his logo every three days, the designs in those two books would provide inspiration to last until his hundredth birthday.