Kamil Zaniewski (PL)
January Uprising 1863: An Interactive Educational App 
M.A. project
Maria Curie‑Skłodowska University in Lublin
Prof. Grzegorz D. Mazurek, Sławomir Plewko
This graduation project is an interactive educational app available on the Internet. The designer has attempted to familiarize viewers with the multifaceted history of the January Uprising in an accessible and graphically interesting manner. An apt choice of technology shows that familiar inventions like the computer and Internet can aid school education in a much more engaging fashion than a banal Power Point presentation.
The designer has grouped the most interesting facts tied to the uprising. At every stage he additionally grasped the contents in three installments, using the “cause‑course‑event” model. The “whole” is therefore made of nine interactive streams (the interactivity facilitated the further development of various subjects). Graphic design of the project ties in to press typography and layouts from the latter half of the 19th century, which explains the use of the massive, serif job print typefaces. The illustrations render the aesthetic of rough woodcuts: the texture of the diagonal lines imitates its rhythmic hatching.
The design will not replace the contents of textbooks, but thanks in part to the structure and the visually interesting data, it allows the viewer to assemble his knowledge and understand the course of an event as complex as the January Uprising.