Lucia Plevová (CZ)
Rocaisense module furniture system
B.A. project
Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín
Mgr.A. Ivan Pecháček
The Rocaisense furniture offers a splendid combination of originality, functionality, and aesthetic virtues. The basis of the system is the module, from which you can make a table, seat, or a bookshelf to expand as you please. The designer drew from nature and from history. She began with a Rococo‑style line then changed the shape to Renaissance style through the application of symmetry. The S line, which ultimately marks out the sides of the modules, assists in their arrangement. Notches in the upper edges and tapering toward the bottom allow the modules to be shifted one on top of another. A shelf or drawer can then be placed in each.
In spite of the references to the history of art and to nature, the furniture is marked by a simplicity that makes it compatible with contemporary interiors. The designer has suggested two module variants of similar forms, but with different materials and production technology. The first are to be produced by polypropylene injection, and the second (luxury) model will be produced from bent beech wood.