Magdalena Rogier (PL)
A book on books – selected bookbinding instructions
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Bogna Otto-Węgrzyn
The work of Magdalena Rogier is shown in the present publication in a few info‑graphic instruction designs which all qualified for the final round. We chose it because it struck us as the most complete, multifaceted, and transparent design, which considered the gravity of the problem under consideration, the manner of publication, and also the target group of readers. There was a general sense of this being a ready publication, which, as designers, we would like to have in our portfolios. The book’s form does not seduce at first sight. It was designed as an extremely functional publication, facilitating an understanding of the various activities in each of the four sets of bookbinding instructions it presents. The “active” elements of the illustrated activity, marked in red, are supplemented by a brief description and icons of the tools needed to carry them out. Although this is “merely” a BA project, we might hold it up as a model example of a clear, understated response to an aptly formulated design problem – which in this case, is educational.