Mariusz Górka (PL)
The Podlasie Octave of Culture
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
Prof. Władysław Targosz
The Podlasie Octave of Cultures, a festival that has been organized for several years in Białystok, is devoted to the somewhat diverse cultural societies living alongside one another in Eastern Poland: Polish, Bielorussian, Ukrainian, Russian, Lithuanian, Tartar, Jewish, and Romani. The various concerts, exhibitions, and theater productions are held in the region’s capital, as well as many of the surrounding towns. The designer has displayed these venues in the newly designed visual identification. In addition to the components typical of this sort of format he also created a mini‑guide to interesting local and regional attractions, some depicted using simplified vector illustrations. The symbol of the festival itself, which makes subtle reference to matryoshka dolls, has been expanded upon using a series of icons representing all eight nationalities.
The most interesting, and oddly, the most discreetly presented, part of this design project is a series of posters promoting the festival. Each poster comprises eight parts – representing the eight cultures of the Białystok region. The designer has boldly mixed traditional imagery characteristic of the region with contemporary vector illustrations more reminiscent of operating instructions, or diagrams for model assembly.