Martina Rozinajová (SK)
A visual art textbook for elementary schools
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Palo Bálik
Both the content and appearance of Slovak textbooks has remained at a very low standard for a long time. The situation, which has seen no improvement for decades, is worsening, and has now reached alarming proportions. This worried Martina Rozinajová. Her graduation project shows that an elementary school textbook can be attractive and laid out entirely differently. The designer set the task of redesigning the layout, and also changing the very structure of a visual art textbook. Additionally, she has decided to use all of the graphic resources at her disposal to motivate pupils to study and to be creative. Martina has used paper of different kinds and colors and made her own illustrations. She has also left a great deal of room for a child’s individual interpretation and interaction with the book. Every spread introduces a new challenge. A new web site devoted to the subject of textbook design has also been created, and will serve as a platform for further activities.