Olga Matras (PL)
Bathtub for seniors
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
Prof. Czesława Frejlich
Many bathtub models on the market differ chiefly in terms of their appearance and secondary functions – which are more for recreation than hygiene. The elderly, for whom using a bathtub can be difficult and hazardous, have only accessories to choose from, such as added grips, benches, or non‑slip mats. Meanwhile, the sanitary equipment they use should meet special requirements, such as minimal restriction of the hands where the hands are at work, and a water level that does not rise above the heart to prevent weakness. The designer of this bathtub for seniors has extended the traditional form, introducing four integral components with very intuitive functions: the step and the seat provide security while entering and exiting, the elbow rests facilitate raising the body, and the high backrest encourages the user to adopt the optimal position and increases the feeling of safety. The upper part of the bathtub ensures an adequate amount of space for the hands to move, and the lower part, from the hips to the feet, has been intentionally minimized. There is a drain‑overflow system with an automatic plug that is lifted using a dial mounted near the overflow. The design is to be produced with the quick and inexpensive acrylic thermoforming method – a material that ensures a faithful replication of the shape, and can accommodate the required level of thermal insulation.