Panni Pais (HU)
LightMe lamp family
M.A. project
Moholy‑Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
Püspök Balázs
Buddy, Woody and Twiggy come from the same family and, as often happens in families, they share some qualities, while others are all their own. It is not by chance that Woody was given the name of the eccentric filmmaker. Twiggy is slender and long‑legged like the famous British supermodel. Buddy is good company, whatever the circumstances. All three make up an intriguing family of lamps, whose remote ancestors might have been bundles of firewood. The idea of fire as a light source may seem archaic, but the formal solution is new. The three lamps of various heights can be situated in various places – hung on a shelf or on door handles, set on a table, or they can even be used outside the house. The lighting effects vary according to the capacity of the energy source, which enhances the usefulness of the set. This work is an example of the skillful combination of practicality, simplicity, and wit.