Sabina Knapczyk (PL)
Compact vacuum cleaner 3.100
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
Marek Liskiewicz
3.100 is a design for a luxury household compact vacuum cleaner. The formulation of the principles was preceded by an in‑depth analysis of the market selection, the usage process, and the needs of potential consumers – primarily young, mobile people who clean their larger or smaller apartments at irregular intervals. In effect, the design combines traditional and upright vacuums. Its innovation is in its adjustment to work in three positions: it pulls along the floor, can be picked up and moved like a suitcase, and has a pullout handle and can be shifted upright for quick cleaning of a selected spot. This eliminates inconveniences involved in the currently available vacuums, such as carrying, storage, cleaning staircases etc. The equipment can be used without pulling out and assembling all the components, which are concealed in a special compartment under a flap in the body. The intuitive touch control panel is another innovation.
When folded up, 3.100 takes up little room and is easy to store. The compact, elongated shape is refined enough to take its place in an elegant interior, especially since the interchangeable covers let you match it to the decor.
Initiated during a job‑training program at Zelmer Co., the design takes into account the company’s technological capabilities. It has been created as a working model, on a 1:1 scale.