Tomáš Kompaník (CZ)
Using Slovak folk art in graphic design
M.A. project
Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín
Lenka Baroňová
The AHA design is meant to call attention to the virtues and traditions of Slovak ornamentation – in particular, folk embroidery shown in a “timeless” pairing with contemporary trends in graphic design. (The designer studied in the Czech Republic, but is Slovak himself.) AHA aims to spread knowledge of Slovak embroidery by showing its artistic value and diversity.
Central to this design is a book comprised of eight chapters – each devoted to a set of regional folk patterns differentiated by choice of color scheme, graphic components, and typography. All present ornaments and lyrics of songs characteristic of the region. Hand stitching and use of various kinds of paper (including gold and silver) tie in with the handcrafts and also complement the vector graphics and digital print. The design is rounded off with shirts featuring selected ornaments.
Tomáš Kompaník shows us the beauty of traditional Slavik embroidery in the context of contemporary art design. While this year’s review included a few folk‑inspired designs, none impressed us as much as this piece.