Vojtech Ruman (SK)
Pressburger: a universal display sans serif
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Michal Tornyai
Vojtech Ruman’s enthusiasm for the history of Bratislava was instrumental in his choice of topic, in particular the lettering used in the city space in the early 20th century. The practical aim of the design was to create a display font inspired by the hand‑painted street signs immortalized in old photographs. The result of his work is the Pressburger typeface (alluding to the city’s old German name). This typeface has a range of alternate characters for almost every letter, which gives it a wide range of uses and makes layout work more enjoyable. The alternate typeface characters “represent” anonymous sign makes, and symbolically link to today’s changing city. The design can be infinitely extended. This open system allows for the concept to be developed and ensures its timelessness. Hence, the Pressburger typeface has enormous potential for application in complex system designs, and in the future could become a part of the Slovak capital’s dynamic visual identification.