Kristýna Malovaná (CZ)
ILU lamp collection
M.A. project
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
Michal Froněk
ILU is a collection of lamps made of crystal glass. The set includes table, hanging, wall, and floor lamps. The design was made in collaboration with Preciosa, who are interested in limited‑series products. The designer made the most of the technological and aesthetic virtues of the glass. The asymmetrical shape of the shade comes from the method of production.
The ILU1 lamp, designed to go on the table or the floor, calls to mind the most primitive source of light – fire. The frame of ILU2 gradually turns invisible as the lamp shines. With its unusually shaped shade, the ILU3 hanging lamp provides an asymmetrical ray of light. ILU4 is a kind of wall lamp, whose unique surface finish makes it stand out in the set. When lit, it seems to defy the laws of gravity.
The designer’s aim was to create innovative lighting and allude to the tradition of craftsmanship. This unusual approach opens up new possibilities in producing lamps from crystal glass. The design testifies to its maker’s abilities and skillful use of this material, and to the designer’s fondness for glass as such.