Alice Endrychová (CZ)
Packaging and an exhibition system for the Elizabeth Kuchtová footwear company
M.A. project
Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín
Vladimír Kovařík
Apart from high-class, expensive sales salons, warehouse-style outlets furnished at much lower cost, offering products at lower prices, continue to enjoy popularity. Both this display system and the footwear packaging have been created for this distribution system. The assets of this solution are: inexpensive materials and low production costs, ease of assembly, which can be done by the store staff themselves, and the capacity to swiftly rearrange the space. Honeycomb-shaped paper tiles have been cut and grooved to create stiff constructions with minimal waste of materials, forming exhibition areas for pairs of shoes and drawers for the shoeboxes. The project is comprised of three kinds of exhibition set-ups of various sizes and a bench for trying on shoes. Though the solution may seem trivial at a first glance, a reflection comes a moment later – this is all that is required to effectively buy and sell. This is an uncomplicated design, and its modest approach is its strength.