Anna Kwiatkowska (PL)
Itms kitchen equipment set
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Profesor Marek Adamczewski
Instead of inventing more “essential” utensils, the designer has consciously put forward a limited set of kitchen equipment, which, she assures us, is sufficient for the average household. The set includes four utensils: a spatula, mixing spoon, a ladle (with a pasta attachment), and a strainer. They all fit into a bin topped with a chopping board, which also holds a cheese grater. In most popular multifunction equipment, added functions are often provided at the expense of quality. Here this problem has been avoided. The strainer can be used for straining food, but also to measure 50 ml or 100 ml of liquid. These two contrasting functions are carried out through the proper shaping of the operative part. By joining the spatula and the mixing spoon you can make tongs. The holes in the handle of the spatula let you measure single or double portions of spaghetti. The mixer can also measure out 10 ml of liquid. The implements have raised ends, which means you need not worry about dirtying the counter top when you set them aside. The magnets let you attach the utensils to a metal railing. There can be no doubt that the designer is an experienced cook, who puts practical solutions before sophisticated forms.