David Chmela (SK)
Genetic type family
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Pavol Bálik
Genetic is an extended type family design that aims to include a set of sans serif, serif, stencil, and swash symbols. Each type is to be made in various weights, widths, and contrast grades. The graduation project includes final released fonts in four styles of weight for normal width of sans serif, serif and stencil. The designer states that special alternate characters have also been developed for publishing design, available in OpenType format. Owing to the type family’s stylistic diversity, Genetic has many uses. In a layout, the various styles keep a uniform look. This certainly ought to be tested. We are waiting for the final full version of all the styles, in various contrast grades. The web page presenting the types does not, unfortunately, help much in finding the style you are after; moreover, modifying font properties with nonfunctional click‑and‑fill‑the‑tube buttons only increases the difficulty in making your way through the styles.