Hanna Stano (PL)
Visual information for a children’s clinic
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Jacek Mrowczyk
This graphic design was preceded by an analysis of the circulation of information about patients, its storage, and access in the children’s clinic in Czerwionka‑Leszczyny. The research was carried out in cooperation with medical personnel and the clinic board. This allowed for the development of a new patient card design (70% smaller than the previous one), a storage, access, and card production system (the medical personnel print some of the data on their own office printers and attach them to the pre‑ordered forms). The second stage was to develop an digital management system for the clinic. This was to facilitate running an electronic card‑index, National Health Fund account settlements, and patient reception. The system was designed to work on many levels, depending on various users’ access to the data base: parents, ­doctors, and nurses/registry workers. The new card catalog and their search system were made in accordance with the strictures contained in the Ministry of Health Order concerning types and scope of medical record and its processing methods. The project won our special attention owing to how it rendered social design postulates.