Jarosław Michalski (PL)
Visual Identity for a fish fry restaurant Ryby z Ustki
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź
Profesor Piotr Karczewski
This is a fresh (like, we hope, the fish being served) and unpretentious identity design for a Warsaw fish fry restaurant. The specially designed typeface was inspired by the “Polish typography school” (typopolo, for short), fliers made with stamps, simple packaging, and recycled paper. It is for a younger crowd, for people who can look at “gray paper” without negative historical connotations. Despite appearances, the design requires strict consistency in its execution. It will have trouble dealing with the shortage of gray paper in stationary shops, however. Ryby z Ustki is the name of an existing restaurant in Warsaw, whose owner the designer consulted for his work. We’re hoping it goes forward. We also would like to see a branch in one of the seaside resorts – a touch of design would be a welcome sight on the Polish coast.