Pavel Mrňous (CZ)
Visual Identity for Atlantis Publishers
B.A. project
Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín
Lenka Baroňová
The inspiration for this identity was the legend of Atlantis. According to the designer: “The stylized cross bar in the letter A in the logo alludes to a wave, and in the other illustrative motifs we can pick out cliffs, old maps, banners, and antiques.” The publishing house’s main catchphrase is “an adventure on literary seas.” The graphic solutions for various publishing series are not stylistically uniform (which testifies to a keen grasp of market realities). For the purposes of this project, the designer carefully rendered the graphic design for three series: Ernest Hemingway’s books, with geometrical motifs; Echoes of Surrealism, with collages of historical woodcuts (a different bird for every title), and the books of Belgian mystery writer Georges Simenon, which keep to a dark style with linear drawings.