Veronika Buck Valentová (CZ)
Discover Prague: An Information System for Tourists
B.A. project
Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín
Lumír Kajnar
Complex information systems appear in the review with increasing frequency. We are very pleased to see this, as we continue to lag behind in this field in our part of Europe. Twenty years after the opening of the Eastern Bloc, Prague has yet to receive a complex tourist information system. This is a delicate subject, which crosses over into politics and economics. The main component of this system is a set of twenty‑five pictograms of Prague’s monuments, with which theme‑based maps coincide. The designer has attempted to make the symbols as simple as possible. The jury appreciated the solution for its transparency and cohesion, as well as the realistic approach to the complex task, combining elements of visual identification, navigation systems, and applications on various media, including mobile ones. The selected color scheme raised some doubts, though. The white street names on gray backgrounds, or the black on red, would neither be legible in poor lighting conditions, nor for the sight impaired.