Zsófia Szabó (HU)
A Small Hungaropedia
M.A. project
Moholy‑Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
Maczó Péter
The subject of this project derives from the designer’s interest in Hungarian culture. Taking from a style of contemporary illustration, she has created a two‑color world full of simple, schematic drawings that show the places and regions of Hungary, and objects associated with this country. A Small Hungaropedia includes a series of pocket books full of subjective and witty tales on chosen topics (e.g. Lake Balaton, pálinka, and the local markets). As the designer writes, the publications “might serve better as designer souvenirs than as guides.” Every book includes a cotton bag and a map. While most tourist souvenirs use folk motifs or photographs of famous sites, this designer has chosen her own way of promoting Hungarian heritage. Will these refined illustrations appeal to visitors’ tastes? Will Zsófia Szabó’s illustrations be sufficiently “Hungarian” for the average tourist? We’re crossing our fingers for her, and feel pleased to see every new idea for promoting local culture.