Bartosz Borowicz (PL)
2030 senior bike
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Prof. Michał Stefanowski
We say: “I won’t forget how to do it! It’s like riding a bike.” This is true, but riding a bike requires a fair degree of agility; that is why, when we age, we less often use this healthy mode of transport. This stable three‑wheeler equipped with an electric motor is a very welcome solution. The sitting position does not require the body to lean forward and the comfortable backrest also increases comfort, as the designer established in creating a working model. He additionally provided a baggage carrier and a seat for a grandchild. And because electronics are inevitable, here too we have a device with GPS, maps, a heart rate monitor, and information on the bicycle’s state of repair. This solution should appeal not only to the aging generation, but to all those not seeking to break any speed records, but who find pleasure in slow movement – and their number is growing. We would be over the moon to see this become widely available city gear to be rented at every train station, hotel, or park.