Dita Krouželová (CZ)
Monument to the first Czech pilot, Jan Kašpar
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
Prof. Rostislav Vaněk
The idea of making a monument to the first Czech air pilot, Jan Kašpar, in the form of a runway into the pedestrian zone of Třída Míru (Peace Avenue) in Pardubice, was conceived by Czech Television reporter David Macháček. Dita Krouželová picked up on this idea and decided to use it for her graduation project. At this time the boulevard was being rebuilt, which provided a splendid opportunity to bring the concept to life. The memorial was to be inscribed in the pavement and include information on the life and achievements of Kašpar, as well as other famous pilots. The unconventional approach could have made the memorial a point in the town that helped you get your bearings, and which also drew tourists. Despite major support from the public, the design has so far not been accepted by the city government. Our jury appreciated the precision in working out the details, the specially designed Aeroplan typeface based on the poster announcing Kašpar’s first flight in 1910, and the designer’s determination to carry out the design.