Emese Rosta (HU)
Cookbook with pictograms
B.A. project
University of West Hungary in Sopron
Maczó Péter
Cookbooks are increasingly popular. Each of us owns a few – with traditional family recipes, ­sophisticated French recipes, or easy dishes from world cuisine. Emese Rosta’s cookbook stands out: there are no photographs, nor fantastical, refined stories to whet the reader’s appetite. It does not offer a wide variety of dishes. What is most important here is the selection of the contents and the graphic layout. The book includes recipes with the four basic types of dough in European cuisine. This is simply a beautifully-designed “how-to” handbook with pictograms and visualizations of the processes involved. The introduction, which explains both the structure of the book and the subtle differences between pictograms (such as in the depiction of eggs), makes the publication easy to understand. The bright cream color of the book suits various baked goods. When holding a cookbook and cooking at the same time, it can be easily soiled. In Rosta’s publication, the process noted through pictograms is legible enough to be traced at more of a distance, which means you can set the book on a table. The clever, consistent, and simple solutions – in both the graphics and the editing – fully match the premise. This is a book not only for beginners, but also for those who prefer to bake their own bread or cake, rather than buy it.