Ewa Kurowska (PL)
A Vanity: Feminine Furniture by Nature
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Prof. Halina Kościukiewicz
Furniture design is increasingly focused on aesthetics. It would seem that all the functional problems in this field have already been solved. Nonetheless, this set – a dressing table and a hanger – contains a few minor innovative functional solutions. The vanity, as it was once called, is designed for private use: for putting on make‑up and jewelry. The upper part of the piece has shelves equipped with eleven small adjustable boxes. Below are two practical jewelry drawers, and a place for two round mirrors on a grooved tabletop. The roll top is an interesting feature, as it hides the “work in progress.” The dressing table is finished with a hanger shaped in the same fashion, which is useful for those who don’t pick up their things every day. Both pieces have an elegance and an aesthetic purity. They are inspired by the past, yet very contemporary.