Ewa Parfianowicz (PL)
RODZIC – DZIECKO – ŚWIAT. Projekt przedmiotu wspomagającego pozytywne relacje
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
Prof. Maria Dziedzic
A seemingly unremarkable object, but extremely useful. This is the strength of this product. It is not a gadget, conceived and produced for turning a profit – for we are willing to spend a great deal of money on our children. And a child, as we know, is not only joy, but also problems, which is why every new solution is most welcome indeed. The main virtue of this object is its multifunctionality. It is not merely a play area. Assembling the sides and the rear, we create a convenient space for changing diapers and other caretaking, and gain more control over the energetic child. We also gain more freedom in organizing the child’s play and sleep spaces when outside our safe and sterile home. Happily, the designer used single‑color fabric, but given that the piece is meant for both child and parents, the range should include fabrics with more subdued color schemes. The only major drawback is the overly complicated assembly instructions. We hope that the process is easier in reality.